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YouTube and What I'm Doing 2019

I cannot believe it's been over 2 years since I started my YouTube channel.

I've struggled with it for a long time, not being quite sure what I wanted to do with my channel content-wise. I started off doing narrations of true paranormal stories, but as time wore on I lost interest in creating those kinds of videos. I still love listening to others narrate spooky stories, but there's just always been so much more that I wanted to do with my YouTube.

As I posted on my channel recently, I would really love to make my channel a pure cornucopia of stuff that I love. This includes but is not limited to Wicca, eclectic witchy things, Nightelf cosplay and video games. I would love to leave the specific kinds of videos I do open. I find too much planning turns a hobby into a job, and that's something I want to tip toe around if possible. I love social media for how it allows us all to come together and share our unique experiences of life. I therefore want it to add to life, and flow naturally as life does, and be something that is quite natural and free and organic.

I hope that makes sense. I do fully expect to lose subscribers as my content continues to change into what I want it to become, but I've never been much of a numbers person anyway. It's the lovely, wonderful, interesting and kind people like yourselves that I love seeing in the comments and speaking with. I've made so many lovely friends through my social media pages, especially YouTube and Instagram, and I feel so blessed to know ya.

Content to come...

A Faerie Wardrobe

Episode 1 of this series has already been filmed, edited, and is ready to join the rest of my random raging rambling YouTube channel! It features 4 of my favourite (yes, I just typed favourite and not favorite where has my American touch gone help I've defected) outfits to wear this summer. The theme is anything and everything that flows and makes me feel like a fairy queen goddess person thing. Enjoy.

Witchy Apartment Tour

I am excited to film this video... not least because I absolutely love love love interior design. I always dreamed of having an apartment that one could comfortably twirl around in while listening to Stevie Nicks and getting wrapped up in the vines of my endless sea of Hedera Helix plants (not sure the common name... English Ivy I think? I'm like the mum who always calls her children by their full names). Anyhoo... I am realizing this dream more and more every day and am finally ready to show you the fruit of my labours. Through an apartment tour video on YouTube. Cool. Wicca Product Reviews Alright folks, I'm excited to announce I'll be doing a review of the Goddess Provisions subscription box soon! From what I can see on their website, the box is set to be full of lots of fun and usefull witchy things. I intend to open it on camera and go through everything that comes in my nifty box with you all. Can't wait.

Yeah. So anyway, I cannot wait to share all this new content with you and start sailing into fresh new waters with you, the ethereal crew. Lots of love, W.L.