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Witchy Lookbook | September 2019

Ta-daaaa! I did a witchy lookbook thing. Such happy, much excite. Wow.

You can also see these outfits in action in the witchy lookbook video I posted to the YouTube!


In this first look, I'm full witch. This black top I got from Primark was discounted and only cost me £5. Can you believe that?! I was psyched. It was the only one in the whole shop, sat out there like I was meant to find it. And what do ya know, it was in my size as well!! But who knows, they might still have some left. See if you can grab one! The beige corduroy skirt came from the same shop, the tights came from Forever 21 and the hat came from Amazon.


The second look is a black lacy balcony bra and red wine corduroy skirt under a long, over-sized beige sweater. I'm also wearing patterned fish net tights, and lots of necklaces - the long turquoise one I'm holding really brought the look together I felt! I'm all about those super long necklaces this autumn. Especially ones that feature crystals, as that's a double tap - looks cute and functions as a "pocket crystal" as well. This look was a bold one for me being a mama. My son is 2 in October, and for the first year of his life I definitely had a visual pouch left on my belly (I loved this pouch as I saw it as a mark of motherhood, proof I had survived pregnancy and childbirth to bring a person into this life, vaginas are basically portals prove me wrong). But it went away, largely due to nursing him, and although no I certainly do not have finely toned abs, I feel I can pull off showing a little bit of belly. Anyhoo, who's judging anyway? I love this outfit.


This number is a combo of old and new! The white Lacey top comes from Next... I bought it a few years ago. The skirt however, comes from Primark. I only bought it about a week or so ago. You could very easily pair this with some cute tights. I'd avoid too many patterns though! This look really says "I'm about to go teach an astrology class," and I love it. Reminds me how when I was a kid I would spend HOURS searching the internet for schools for witches, dreaming of sitting in class with a black kitten learning all about the important things, such as tea reading and hexing... *sigh* shout out to my legs, white as death. I'm like Frankenstein's wife.


A very traditional witchy look! I look like I'm casually walking past someone's house to see if the hex I put on them has worked. The black dress I'm wearing is from Brandy Melville. It's flowy and fun, and really says "I know how to have a good time and also have jars which contain various body parts." Why do my legs look like they're saran wrapped though. I don't know. I always pose like I might have to pee.


This little number features a white booby crop top (with cute buttons), and a long flowy forest/moss green skirt. Both are from Primark.

This is a more innocent look. This outfit makes one look more like a white witch. A nature witch. A witch who adheres to the Wiccan reed and would literally never hurt a fly, even if they vomit a little every time they land on her. Gross. But hey, who cares cause she'd be burned at the stake anyway. Been blessing everyone in the village and curing the children of Black Plague? Nope, burn. Been feeding the stray cats and planting flowers? BURN. Taking in homeless-BUUUURRRRNNNNN.


A cosier look. I'm wearing an orange knit sweater (I love orange sweaters!) over a white dress. Sweater from Primark, dress from Brandy Melville. Witch's hat makes another appearance. Legs are, again, saran wrapped. Honestly why do I pose like this.

This is a less obviously witchy look, but feels very cosy and very much like autumn! I don't know about you, but wearing knit jumpers makes me feel very creative! And it also puts me in the mood for baking... yum! Just don't tell anyone you're doing it, or they'll want some too. Doing magick is hungry work, never share your food. First rule of witchcraft. I make the brownies, I eat the brownies. Grr.


You can't really tell from this photo (sorry - the witchy lookbook video I just posted to YouTube does it more justice) but this is a layered outfit. I'm wearing a strappy black dress from Primark, over a lacy wine red crop top I picked up from a charity shop. I LOVE shopping at charity shops - it's amazing to give money to charity while getting new clothes AND helping the environment at the same time! 10/10 would recommend! I actually get tons of my things from Charity shops (have you seen the cute tea cups in my Instagram photos? Charity shop). I love them, and I love second hand stuff in general - just be sure to pay attention to it's energy and cleanse it if need be! Maybe I'll make a post on how to do this...

Sooo... whaddya think? ;)