• Wanderlux

Mini Rituals | Anxiety and Stress Relief

I am sharing this for all you souls who need it. The following ritual spell is meditation based, you will have all the supplies at home, and don't have to worry about memorising any spell lines! Required - A quiet space where you will be undisturbed

- A shower or bathtub (if you only have a bathtub, find something to pour water over your head with)


1. Remove your clothes and step into the shower or bath.

2. Once you cross into your shower, you are no longer allowed to think any thoughts. Your internal voice is silenced entirely.

3. If you are in the shower, feel the water fall over you. Let it hit your face and pour down your full body. Don't leave any part of you unclean.

4. Feel the silence. Feel your feet on the floor, and your weight against the Earth. Feel the Earth weightlessness in space.

5. Hold on to this complete mental silence for the duration of the shower. Any time you notice yourself thinking, any time you hear your internal voice begin to chatter again, let out a hard "Shh!" to silence your mind again.

6. You shouldn't need any more than 3-5 minutes of this, but if you're under an extreme amount of stress, you may need more. You are ready to get out when you've managed to keep your mind silent for a decent amount of time (though this is a skill that takes time, so don't get frustrated with yourself if you're having to shush your ego a lot!), and you feel like you could hold this peaceful feeling when you leave the shower.

Hold on to your silence as long as you can after you leave the shower. This mini ritual serves as a reminder you are not your ego. Your ego is the true source of a lot of your suffering in life, but you are much, much bigger than your ego. Your truth is ultimately in charge, and can turn your ego off at any time to regain strength and balance.