• Wanderlux

"Earthen" Album Out Now!

Eeeeeep!! It's out now guys. Click this link and get yo self a copy, yo:

Get "Earthen" Here!

Oh meh gerd guys. This album has been so much fun to make! And now it's finally done and ready for you to listen to! I don't know how I feel right now. A mix of peaceful and excited.

Since this is my first album release (and you're probably thinking what the heck what dis), I'll do a brief little run down of what songs are on this 5 track EP quickly for ya (followed by a lengthier, more in depth one to be released later).

1. Blanket

Strings & guitars mixed together with moody lyrics. This song's pretty dramatic and dark. It's full of energy. It's about being close to a lover, but also keeping your guard up.

2. Full Moon

Ethereal ambiance and echoing guitars. Lyrics about being a witch and living your truth under the full moon. Energizing melody to accompany the energizing feeling of freedom under the moon.

3. Safe & Sound

Warm and gentle song to let you know I am here for you, always.

4. Lord of the Wild Wood

Dedication to the Lord of the Wild Wood, or the Green Man, an important deity to pagans. An appreciation of the forest and the evolution of energy.

5. Lady Greenwood

Dedication to Lady Greenwood, the lady of the forest. The deity Flidais, protector of flora and fauna. This song is all about observing communication with the deities in awe, and the incredible supernatural experiences that one can have when they open themselves to that communication.